Prestige Car

Welcome to Chatsbrook Prestige Car Finance, we provide a range of versatile finance options, designed specifically for you to indulge in the freedom of a prestige car.

Whether your purchase is for pleasure, a lifestyle choice, to celebrate your business success or part of your business fleet.

We offer tailored financing, your bespoke finance package that exactly fits you, created on our understanding of every aspect of your personal or business requirements. 

Whether your purchase of a prestige car is new or used, we’re here to help you choose the best way to finance your chosen brand.

We aim to make it possible for you to maximise your investment and experience the luxury of a prestige car.


“Over the last year or so I have used Chatsbrook a number of times for advice and support on a variety of financial decisions. I have found them to be consistently helpful, prompt and competitive with his products. It is reassuring to have somebody that you trust when making important financial commitments. Thank you Chatsbrook

– V Jacobs – Land Rover Discovery

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