Land Rover Finance on New Cars

Land Rover has become a British car brand like no other - steeped in heritage, Land Rovers have been driven across nearly every place on earth. Whilst the company may have taken a different route and design on current models, the name and the history live on. Chatsbrook Land Rover Finance are able to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

It could be the all new Land Rover Discovery which have only just touched the tarmac on UK roads, or it could be something a little more classic like a vintage Land Rover Defender.

Whichever Land Rover Finance package you are looking for, Chatsbrook are able to guide and advise you to the best possible Land Rover Finance Deals and Offers to suit your needs.

Always putting the customer first, for more information and the latest Land Rover finance offers please call 01603 733500 or email

*image Shown - new 2017 Land Rover Discovery.

“I highly recommend the services of Adrian Brooks. I applied for finance and the options provided were excellent and suited the purpose very well, with Adrian’s coolness and calm being greatly appreciated”

– Adam (Barrister and Chartered Surveyor) - Range Rover