Top 5 Countdown!

Funding assets of all shapes and size?

article jan 2020

Top 5 Countdown! 

A finance broker with a portfolio of lenders, and armed with resources, Chatsbrook are able to source competitive finance arrangements for a range of assets-no matter how obscure or niche…

Before we delve into the TOP FIVE, here are a few other assets that are worth a quick mention…

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Renewable Energy: Chatsbrook are helping Businesses to become more sustainable by supporting them with the funding of alternative energy- whether wind power or hydropower, we do it all!

On set TVs: Supersized screens used across the audio and visual industry meeting growing demands delivering stunning visuals for presentation and signage.

Office supplies: Photocopiers and laptops! If you would like to upgrade vital equipment in your office, why not talk tech with Chatsbrook on 01603 733500 today!

Biomass boilers: A sustainable and cheap way to heat your home or business, we ask our lenders for ways that make the asset easy for you to obtain!

We have given you a little taste into some of the assets, now time to reveal our TOP FIVE!


 top 5 5

 Kickstarting the countdown, in fifth place is the Automatic Number Plate Recognition device- or ANPR for short. ANPR is used for speed limit enforcement in the UK but those of you with a keen eye you may have spotted one lurking in your local supermarket car park too! It may come as a surprise to you that these can be financed as they are usually government-funded, however, private agencies and corporations that own car parking facilities are able to finance through Chatsbrook.


top 5 4

In fourth place are the majestic microlights! A super lightweight plane designed to carry up to 2 people, whilst achieving distances of around 58 statute miles. A particularly exciting yet unusual asset to support the finance of- we hope that our client is flying high on top of the world!


top 5 3

Changing things up in third place are hotel refurbs!! Recently supporting a hotelier in an extensive renovation, we financed everything from wood panelling to furniture to key cards! Achieved through a diverse mix of bespoke funding facilities, the flexibility of finance did not impede on the quality of the upgrade. Chatsbrook are delighted to have helped our local client and we hope that business is BOOOOMING!

 top 5 2

In at number two marks a relatively new concept: the electric taxi- this includes the uber-cool, electric black cabs in London too! Using our resources, we were able to support start up's as well as established businesses to take the plunge into electric vehicles. If you wish to enquire about fleet finance, get in touch with us on

AND… the asset in at number one…

 top 5 1


Yes, you read that right! This asset puts a smile on all our faces! There are no limits to the lengths we will go to in order to secure finance for you. In this case, we had the pleasure of helping a local farmer and we would like to help you too…

If you have a weird and wonderful asset in mind, click HERE to fill out our Quick Quote Form!

Which asset was your favourite? Which one was you most shocked about? Let us know on our social media pages: @chatsbrook


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