Our Highlights Of The Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva motor show provides a platform to innovative concepts exuding luxury and craftsmanship, it is arguably one of the most influential car shows.


Our Highlights Of The Geneva Motor Show

On the stands, cars await crowds propelled by passion and excitement. There is more to these cars than meets the eye. The mechanical artforms push the boundaries of vision whilst revealing a glimpse into the future- redefining everything we know.

It is clear that autonomous cars are something to be desired and an inevitable part of the future. But is Renault’s EZ-GO concept a step into a bizarre and slightly lazy future? Even though the design seems somewhat trivial, you cannot ignore the creative, innovative and unprecedented notions that encapsulate this amalgamation of bus, robot and taxi. In fact, Renault aspire to build it by 2022 in the hope it will be used for commercial use as a ‘robo taxi’.

However, if you feel that you have more of an appreciation to the past than excitement to the future the RUF SCR may be better suited to you. The RUF SCR is an ode to the old Porsche 911, its reimagined engineering and modernisation is sure to ignite nostalgia amongst many. The new high-tech carbon fibre construction, atmospherically fed engine  and manual gearbox are just a few reasons as to why the RUF SCR has etched its way into our hearts. There is no doubt that this will provide a thrilling experience to those fortunate  enough to drive it.

The Mercedes AMG GT 4 door coupe was another star at the Geneva  motor show, and its very presence is a threat to the Porsche Panamera. The car itself  exudes decadence, elegance and power. Due to the up-to-date 6-cylinder in-line and V8  engine with outputs ranging from 320 kW to 470 kW this car unites everyday comfort with  an exhilarating performance of a sports car. You may be relieved to know that it goes on sale this summer.

Every luxury car comes with a luxury price tag. You may feel that owning one of these cars may result in a gigantic cavity in your bank account- and you are not wrong- but these cars give so much back to you. They give you a piece of the future, an appreciation for craftmanship and they evoke a deeply rooted passion to strive to be as powerful as you can. In some ways they can redefine your life.

At Chatsbrook we aim to craft a finance plan reflective of your circumstances and desires. Money is but a token of commerce, and you shouldn’t let fear repress your dreams.

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