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Strengthening Relations With Our Suppliers. 

Within a fast-paced marketplace, it is crucial for businesses to build and maintain a healthy relationship with suppliers. At Chatsbrook, we recognise that creating loyal, long-term relationships is most advantageous for our clients. Two businesses operating through channels of transparency and communication enables customers to experience a reliable, swift and thorough service.

Two businesses working in cohesion means that there are two forms of support available to the client. Subsequently, issues are usually able to be managed and resolved quickly. To illustrate this, Chatsbrook recently provided Vehicle Finance for two clients that each wanted to purchase an Isuzu vehicle.  The in-house financier at Isuzu had declined both clients credit application, so sales manager Ben Brown at Norfolk Truck & Van Ltd contacted Adrian Brooks- director of Chatsbrook- in order to obtain finance for both of the clients. Ben stated, “Adrian has always gone the extra mile. Working with Adrian is helpful, he gets the job done, which makes the whole process very simple, easy and efficient.”

During this complex situation, Adrian was able to apply his specialist knowledge of lenders to secure finance for both of the clients. This is the epitome of the level of dedication to our customers at Chatsbrook and how far we will go to secure finance.

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Providing a facility that excels in timeliness, competitiveness and support not only provides the client a valued service, but in turn benefits both businesses. Quality service showcases trustworthiness and reliability, which therefore increases the likelihood of the clients reusing and recommending our service, thus generating business for both parties. Furthermore, Ben Brown said that “60% of clients that want or need a vehicle will end up financing them. That is why it is important for us to use brokers we trust-like Chatsbrook.” This highlights that it is within both the suppliers and the brokers interest to provide an excellent customer service.

Furthermore, this strategic approach to a positive relationship influences the success of both businesses as it is cost effective, helps to expand the customer base and because the partnership is built upon a mutual trust for one another, it will have long term benefits to both parties. Ben Brown stated that he continues to use Adrian’s service at Chatsbrook as he can “…always rely on him. He [Adrian] goes further for the client than any other broker” that he has used before.   

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