The Secret To Success For SME’s

Finance helped The Bodycentre to expand, can it help you?

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What Is The Secret To Success For SME’s?


Usually success is attributed to an amalgamation of efforts working symbiotically, however, arguably the most critical component of success is the ability to manage a working cashflow. The mastering of such a discipline is one easily facilitated through funding solutions that have been designed in accordance to your specific business growth plans and requirements.

Last year The Bodycentre took full advantage of one of our products and they have not looked back. Since 1996 The Bodycentre have been on a strong trajectory to success. With their customer-base increasing exponentially year on year, it was time to take the business to the next stage with the support of Chatsbrook- moving to larger premises, hiring new staff and purchasing a substantial amount of specialist equipment.

Requiring further financial investment, Chatsbrook advised that the best course of action to conserve cashflow would be a combination of commercial loan and a hire purchase agreement to mitigate additional costs in the most efficient format.

Directors of The Bodycentre stated Adrian [Director of Chatsbrook] has worked with us since almost the beginning, he has provided finance from a fleet of courtesy vehicles 7/8 years ago to the Commercial Loan most recently. He has always been very professional, and we know that The Bodycentre have been appreciative of him taking the time to understand the intricacies of our business. When he suggested the Commercial Loan, we understood that it was because he knew it would be the best option for our business. The funding has helped with overall expansion and with the ability to keep up with demand.


Commercial Loans are one way to help to sustain a healthy, working capital but they are preferable to SME’s for a number of other reasons including;

- Providing the ability to receive investment without having to relinquish a share of ownership over your business.

-Enabling investment in multiple aspects of your business at once.

-Ensuring terms are tailored to suit the needs of your business.

-Repayment plans are agreed in advance and calculated on affordability and practicality.

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One of the three Spray Booths, specialist paints and new premises that Chatsbrook were able to help facilitate through a Commercial Loan.

It was important to set our business apart from the competition, the investment into new premises and three spray booths has put us more than a few steps ahead of our usual counterparts. The Commercial Loan has improved many facets of our business but the two main aspects it has helped is the overall productivity and quality of our work. Our workflow and efficiency have improved tenfold with the new equipment, they really are an asset to us. The spray booths are in a whole other league and we are able to offer a whole new level of customisation to our clients.  It would be fair to say that the alternative funding solutions that Chatsbrook continue to provide are a real driving force behind our growth as a business. Director of Bodycentre



Since their investment, Norwich City stars such as Goalkeeper Michael McGovern and Midfielder Todd Cantwell have visited The Bodycentre to have their vehicles customised- a sure indicator of success!

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The ‘not so’ secret to sustainable growth comes from the opportunities that funding alternatives can provide.


For impartial advice, expert knowledge and access to funds for your business within days, get in touch with a member of our team on or 01603 733500. 

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