Combine Refinancing Funds Purchase Of Land

Chatsbrook was approached by a client who had the opportunity to purchase land for a business adventure.

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Combine Refinancing Funds Purchase Of Land

Sometimes orthodox finance solutions may not be best suited to you and your needs. At Chatsbrook we ensure that our clients always have the means to grasp every opportunity that presents itself.

Refinance is a finance solution that allows you to release equity from assets you already own or currently finance, so you can conquer every opportunity.

On one particular instance we were approached by a customer who wanted to purchase land for a new business venture. He stated that he wished to quickly fund the purchase over a scale of five years. The most orthodox way of purchasing land would have been through a Land Mortgage, but due to the desired term and speed it did not appeal to the customer.

After speaking to our panel of lenders, we were able to locate a lender without an ‘Aged Asset’ policy and secure equity release from refinancing the client’s agricultural machinery,  one 2012 Class Lexon and two 2014 New Holland tractors. Refinancing his existing assets was better suited to his needs as it raised the £140,000 capital he desired for the agreed 60 month timescale against the value of his assets. This was a great example of how Refinancing can provide funding for a business opportunity when the more orthodox route to purchase, in this case a Land Mortgage, is less suited to the customer.

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The client was impressed by the quick decision and turn around, and was also happy to have enrolled in a new business project.

As one of the oldest industries, Farming and agriculture has always been integral to our economy. Investing in contemporary equipment is one way to keep up with market fluctuations and improve sustainability. Chatsbrook understand that investing in new machinery is vital to the development of the enterprise culture within the farming and agriculture industry.

If you have capital tied up in assets, then Refinancing or Equity Release may be an option for you. Refinance provides financial stability, as you can restructure existing monthly repayments. Equity Release provides financial flexibility as you are able to raise capital from assets you already own.

At Chatsbrook, the service we provide is dedicated to ensuring your personal and business needs are completely taken care of. We listen to your requirements and advise accordingly, only ever offering the best competitive deal on the market. Ring us today for a free quote 01603 733500 or email

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