Present, Future and Past

A Changing Market!

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Present, Future and Past

With a rapidly evolving marketplace comes challenges and opportunities. Going into 2020 we are positive, optimistic and full of gratitude for the people that allow Chatsbrook to grow year on year. With an amazing 2019 behind us, we’re not stopping there! For the past few months, we have been busy aligning ourselves to the prospective industry changes and trends. Maintaining our competitive edge is very important to us as it means that our clients continue to benefit from our services.

In an interview with Adrian Brooks, director of Chatsbrook, he discusses how Chatsbrook stays ahead of the game by integrating provisions that are based on industry reports and predictions…

“Across varying industries, each marketplace is prone to fluctuations as well as new advancements- but that is not something to shy away from. At Chatsbrook, our priority is to accommodate the client, which is why our development is crucial.”

“Since the initial launch of the business, we have streamlined our panel of lenders to ensure a stronger blend of funders which meet with our clients’ credit and asset requirements. During 2019 our repeat business was running at 73%, highlighting customer satisfaction, the continued support our clients provide and the strong relationships we are building. In addition, we have built an outstanding mix of Commercial Loan lenders and are now able to offer a range of different products to suit each client. We also recognise the need for additional cashflow facilities that are not always tied to asset purchases. Recently, we have supported a client with a commercial loan where a second charge against a property was required, with new products, we are able to extend our capabilities in order to support customers with new acquisitions.”

“In 2020 we are excited to launch our Contract Hire division where clients can place an order for any make of car or light commercial vehicle (LCV) directly through Chatsbrook financed through a contract hire facility.”  

“We are thrilled to launch our “Partnership Programme”! The prospect of further consolidating relationships with businesses who share our values and who are looking to extend their customer experience using funding solutions facilitated by Chatsbrook is exciting!!” – For further details on how this service could benefit your business please contact Adrian Brooks on 01603 733500.

Chatsbrook have committed financial Investment in automated technology in order to streamline our clients’ experience whilst opening various channels of communication. Watch this space to find out more!

“As a business who enters their third year we briefly reflect on our past – In January 2017 Chatsbrook commenced trading as an unknown entity with the core objective to deliver client’s openness, honesty and transparency within the financial sector. The business has been built through self-promotion, prospecting and our extensive network of supporters – Investment was made to enable business expansion raising our commercial profile year on year which has resulted in attracting new customers through recommendations along with new team members. We are excited to be employing soon!”

"Having digested the FCA Consultation Paper surrounding ‘ Motor Finance Discretionary Commission Models’ and ‘Consumer Credit Commission Disclosure’, in 2020 we expect increased competition within the market which will ultimately save customers, more money!"

“One area which many of us shall be impacted by will be the use of ‘Open Banking’ - We see this resource to be the future of credit applications; It not only provides funders real-time access but also saves the client time without a need to provide bank statements for selected lenders-so it could prove very beneficial to you.”

Chatsbrooks’ primary function is to provide clients with impartial finance solutions for their purchase whether for a personal vehicle through to a business asset, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us on

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