A Candid Interview With The Director Of Chatsbrook

Adrian Brooks tells us what sets Chatsbrook apart from other brokers.

adrian chatsbrook

A Candid Interview With The Director Of Chatsbrook

A suppliers route to finance is not always the best avenue to take if you would like to save money. We at Chatsbrook are dedicated to finding our customers the most competitive finance package on the market. In an interview with Adrian Brooks-Director of Chatsbrook- he discussed our business ethos and growth, as well as clients worries and how we can help to overcome them.

From the copious, positive customer testimonials it is clear that Chatsbrook pulls out all the stops for each individual customer. Our ethos, as stated by Adrian is “To provide competitive finance packages from the outset with credible customer service. We have a genuine passion and care about the outcome. It’s not just about doing business once, it is about creating loyal customers that continue to use our services.”

There is a general misconception that suppliers will always offer the best deal. Creating financial agreements with suppliers may seem like the easiest way to purchase an asset, but quite often it doesn’t save you time or money. Adrian advised that “There is always an alternative finance route to customers rather than choosing the suppliers route- it is always worth looking at other options. There are better deals out there.”



In a world of competition, Chatsbrook sets the benchmark for business conducted with integrity and morality. We just “aim to do right by the customer”.

Our finance packages are modified to suit each individual need. Adrian articulated “When we agree a finance package we like to ensure that it fits any persons affordability”. We do not create finance arrangements that could burden you, instead they are streamlined to make sure that they do not effect your quality of life. Finance agreements can also be arranged to help free up your cash flow, which is something that may be desirable if you are in the commercial industry.

There are many benefits to using Chatsbrook. For instance, the speed that we can turn things around, our transparency and genuine care for each outcome. But there is one particular added security benefit that should be noted. Adrian explained “If you have purchased something on finance that goes wrong, there is a third party in the agreement that can make contact with the supplier on behalf of the customer.” In some cases, it can take the weight of an additional company-like Chatsbrook- to put pressure on the supplier to rectify an issue if something happens to an asset.

If you have an asset in mind that you would like to finance, your next step could be to contact us for a free quote on 01603 733500 today. If you have any additional questions then feel free to email now at info@chatsbrook.co.uk

We at Chatsbrook, promise to provide you with an efficient service to save you time AND money.


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