How We Created Our Five Star Service!

Discover how Chatsbrook are leaders in the ‘customer experience’.

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How We Created Our Five Star Service!

It will not come as a surprise to you that the customer reviews are integral to any business.

But do you know why?

Customer reviews help to refine the ‘customer experience’. As a business that is built upon respect, knowledge and passion, it is in Chatsbrook’s nature to prioritise our clients over the revenue we receive. What this means for a customer-centric business, is that we wish to make every point of contact outstanding to our clients - from the initial enquiry to the delivery of your asset(s).

Harnessing customer reviews helps us to analyse and review the service that you receive as well as to celebrate the parts you enjoyed! For instance, we have recognised that many of our clients were impressed by our timeliness, transparency and friendliness.

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Our mission is to provide a reliable and trustworthy service to everyone. We want potential clients to feel how much we care about our ‘customer experience’ through the online reviews.

Chatsbrook would like you to know that it is worth putting your trust in us.

The ‘customer experience’ at Chatsbrook has been modelled by what we, ourselves, expect from other services. We expect businesses will communicate efficiently, respect us and understand our needs. Chatsbrook is no exception to this. It is our pleasure to serve you, which is why from the offset we make it our mission to understand you and your needs. Our team, out of courtesy, make a continual effort to keep you up to date during every stage of the process- so you don’t have to worry.

Online reviews are often used to consolidate our ethos to employees we train. Chatsbrook value our testimonials so much so, that they are used as the standard of how we interact with our clients. Since the beginning of the business over two years ago, we have yet to receive a bad review. If we were ever to, we would treat that client with the same level of respect as we treat any other client. We welcome honest feedback as it could present a learning curve -of which future clients would benefit from. It is important for all businesses to recognise the importance of the ‘customer experience’ because there is always room for improvement.

If you wish to tell us your experience of Chatsbrook, or if you would like to view our reviews for yourself follow @Chatsbrook on Facebook. Alternatively, you can read our Google reviews if you simply type ‘Chatsbrook’ into Google.


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