Does convenience always come with a price?

Chatsbrook answer the big debate on dealership vs broker.

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Does convenience always come with a price?

When thinking about investing in vehicles, it can be difficult to know whether you should branch out to a broker or follow the more traditional route of going to a franchised dealership or an independent used car retailer.

Individuals often prefer to use dealerships for convenience. And why wouldn’t you? Dealerships appear to be a reasonable one-stop-shop. For example, you can source, test drive, order and obtain finance all from one place! However, there is an assumption that going direct to a dealership will mean that you will receive the most competitive deal. This isn't always the case. Adrian, owner of Chatsbrook reports, “There is often a lack of diversity within dealerships with limited types of finance agreements on offer-meaning that prospective clients may be unsure as to whether they have obtained a good product or not. Due to the restricted options, products may not suit all clients. For example, one type of agreement may cater to those that wish to own a vehicle but not for those that wish to use the car and return it at the end of an agreement.”

Unlike traditional dealerships, Chatsbrook as a broker work with a diverse panel of lenders! This means we approach lending institutions on your behalf and receive the most competitive deal on the marketplace. Our arrangements are completely tailored to your specifications. You have the power to decide; the amount of deposit, term length and your monthly payment preferences. If that wasn’t enough to sway you to use a broker, Chatsbrook always looks into which type of arrangement would benefit you more- whether that be Contract Hire, PCP or HP (to name a few). You can be confident that Chatsbrook will offer a perfectly constructed agreement that suits your individual circumstances.

Wait, there are more benefits!

Another advantage of using Chatsbrook is our impartiality.  “As an independent company, Chatsbrook ultimately serve our clients. We are not governed by sales targets; our priority is to ensure product suitability. Our neutral position means that we are able to offer clients advice in accordance to our expert opinion. Because we operate using 100% transparency, if we find out that a dealership is offering the best finance arrangement then we share this information with our clients- we always have their best interests at heart.” (Simon Meredith, Business Development Manager of Chatsbrook)

Furthermore, if you have a limited credit history or if you believe that you have a lower-than-average credit rating we may still be able to source an agreement for you! Although we cannot guarantee the outcome, due to our strong relationships with our panel of lenders, we will certainly put all our efforts into locating one for you AND we may even be able to negotiate a better deal.

As aforementioned, product suitability is so important to us: “ Buying a car is often the second biggest purchase that someone will make during their life- second only to a house! There is a lack of knowledge surrounding the funding of cars. There is an abundance of information on mortgage advisors yet less information on the variety of vehicle finance products, institutions/brokers. As we work in a similar vein to mortgage advisors, it would be beneficial for individuals to know about the benefits of a broker. Often individuals will find better deals on the same vehicle if they opt to use a finance broker such as Chatsbrook!” (Adrian Brooks).

If you know the vehicle that you would like to obtain or if you are still deciding, talk to our SAF accredited team at the office on 01603 733500 or  Our clients are always delighted by how quick and simple our process is!

For a broker that is on your side, choose Chatsbrook.

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