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Chatsbrook help local businesses thrive!

A partnership consolidated by our shared ethos of providing an excellent thorough, effective and transparent service…how our relationship with Baggleys Machinery is changing the game for many small business owners!

Plant machinery, such as Mowers and Chippers, are often vital to the productivity of farmers. It is of no secret that investing in contemporary and reliable equipment can improve the operational growth of a business. However, for small sized businesses, the large upfront costs can often impede on working capital- which could prove devastating if a business has to overcome a sudden, unexpected cost.

For the past two and a half years, Chatsbook has worked closely with Baggleys Machinery. Baggleys Machinery is a local business that specialises in agricultural equipment and the servicing of them. Since the start of their trading in 2002, Baggleys has been making waves in the agricultural industry. Proving that they are here to stay, they hold two franchises, one of which is the Norfolk and Suffolk franchise for Solis tractors- a brand very popular with small farming businesses!

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(Solis Tractor)

From the offset, Chatsbrook sought to understand Baggleys requirements in order to excel their expectations. Throughout our relationship, we have maintained and expanded our partnership and have even succeeded in growing Baggleys customer base. With most agricultural equipment starting at £10,000 + VAT, our flexible, tailor-made finance options have made it possible for small to medium-sized businesses to invest in agricultural machinery. Owner of Baggleys Machinery, Solly Mansfield, further articulated “since working with Chatsbrook, we have found that we are selling more of our high-value items as the finance arrangements have made £20,000+ tractors more obtainable for small business owners.”

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Without the option of finance, businesses would have to sacrifice cash flow and, in certain cases, even productivity. Furthermore, within the agricultural industry, we are seeing that businesses are increasingly choosing to diversify in order to expand their income revenues. Diversification can often be a laborious and expensive process, which is why the conservation of cash flow is integral to ambitious farmers that wish to invest in multiple areas of their business.

Whilst supporting farmers with the financial means has proved advantageous to Baggleys, another reason our relationship has continued to thrive is due to the mutual desire to provide a transparent, efficient and dependable service. The benefit of providing excellent customer service is two-fold. Not only does an excelling customer experience help to satisfy customer requirements and expectations, but it also helps to create loyal customers- subsequently leading to repeated custom for Baggleys. In comparison to other finance brokers on the market, Chatsbrook offers a completely different experience. Instead of trying to mould clients into fitting a criterion, we establish individual circumstances and offer bespoke finance agreements to personally suit businesses- which is why our clients enjoy their customer experience with us.

Solly explains “I understand the integrity in which Adrian conducts business. It is one of the reasons I trust him completely with my clients. After machinery has been delivered to them [customers], I conduct a routine check to see if the equipment meets their expectations and I often enquire as to how they have found their experience with Chatsbrook. Adrian stipulates to the client exactly what the finance arrangement is-down to its fine detail! Additionally, I have found that Adrian usually gets back to the client within hours of an initial enquiry. They are always completely satisfied with the service they have received.”

Our industry experts have helped a growing proportion of farmers across the UK. For a working partnership that exceeds all expectations, contact directly.

It is important to us that our clients continue to choose Chatsbrook for every finance need-which is why Chatsbrook endeavour to go the extra mile for everyone. If you have an enquiry, get in touch on 01603 733500.

Or if you find yourself in need of agricultural equipment speak to our colleagues at Baggleys Machinery.

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