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Like most websites and apps we use cookies to help you in your interactions with us and enhance your user experience. Cookies are small files placed on your computer's hard drive, or in your browser memory, when you visit our website. It helps us speed things up for you when you come back. It tells us what parts of the site you visit, what you like and what's most relevant to you. Our cookies don’t store any personal or confidential information about you and are used for analysis only.

To make sure you get the best from our website, we advise that users keep cookies active on their machine whilst visiting our website.

What do we use cookies for?

Session Cookies

Most of the cookies we use are session cookies, which last only for the duration of your visit and are deleted when you close your browser. No personal data is collected. These simply enable us to identify that the same person is moving from page to page. We store and collect a unique ID to track your session from page to page via session cookie. This is important to understand our customers’ experience as you move around our website.

Persistent Cookies

We also use certain cookies that are persistent, meaning that they last beyond your session enabling an enhanced user-experience when you return to the site. Most browsers automatically accept cookies and you should be able to accept, delete or reject them if you wish by adjusting the settings on your browser. This will, however, affect your use of the areas of our Website that use cookies.

Third party cookies

From time to time, we may embed external content or media from third party websites (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) within our website. As a result of this, these websites may apply a cookie to the page where the embedded content or media is viewed. We do not take responsibility for third party site cookies and you should check the website of the provider for more information.

Turning cookies off

You can use your web browser’s cookie settings to determine how our website uses cookies. If ‎you do not want our website to store cookies on your computer or device, you should set your ‎web browser to refuse cookies.‎

However, please note that doing this may affect how our website functions. Some pages and ‎services may become unavailable to you.‎

Exactly how to do this depends on your browser or phone settings. Try looking in your ‘Help’ section or alternatively, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has produced a guide (see which explains to users how cookies work, can be managed and blocked by all browser types.

The cookies we use 

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